Building A Digital Media Company: Elite Daily, Mashable, Mogul, Spoon University

Mogul Founder and CEO Tiffany Pham, Elite Daily President Miguel Burger-Calderon, Heidi Moore, Business Editor at Mashable, and Sarah Adler, co-founder and CTO at Spoon University were speakers tonight.

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NY Enterprise Tech Meetup: 1/15/13

The featured demos were eZ Systems, a globally recognized commercial, open source content management software provider; Pursway, a big data algorithm developer that identifies social networks of customers and key influencers in that network; MemSQL, an in-house memory database for real-time analytics founded by former Facebook engineers; and Visual Revenue, a platform that helps media organizations and editors set the best possible front page using their content and layout.

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Ultra Light Startups: 1/10/13

On Thursday, January 10, 2013, I attended Ultra Light Startups hosted by Graham Lawlor and David Carlos. The forum featured nine pitches and four panelists. The pitches were from Glyph, Curioos, Vestorly, Vidaao, NimbusBase, Freshneck, Sumpto, Content Galaxy and Mana Health. The panelists were Bradley Harrison, Eric Hippeau, Geoff Judge, and William Reinisch. Glyph, a […]

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NY Legal Hackers Roundtable IV

Unlike other industries, fashion houses often find it difficult to protect their creative designs from copying by competitors. At the same time, today’s technologies have made it easier than ever to find and duplicate competing products. We’ll look at the substance of the law today, how this law has shaped the industry over the years, and what the future holds for fashion IP. This should be a fascinating meetup for anyone interested in the law of design.

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