This Has Been A Long Time Coming…

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the tech event circuit.

I moved from being a know-nothing freelancer to, well, still a know-nothing full-time content producer. We’re all learning. Constantly. That’s why I’ve decided to pick up where I left off in 2013.

This year, I’m planning for this website to be the destination for people who want to attend meetups, but can’t — for whatever reason. Sick? Waitlist full? Don’t want to pay the entry fee? I got you. My goal is to help readers like yourselves while spreading the knowledge from the panelists and the moderators at the event. Their words of advice are almost always worth their weight in gold.

As of today, I’ve started to go back through the archived material and have begun to redesign them and make them more SEO-friendly. Please excuse the mess! It will get better in a month or two. I still have…over 170 articles to upload and format. Not to mention writing new ones, too.

I chose to redesign because after reading a number of articles on running a content-based website, it hit me: I needed to get the website to display content first and foremost. Why didn’t I do this from the beginning???

I experimented with a couple of designs, but felt this particular theme displayed content and supporting imagery best. It’s easy on the eyes and mobile-friendly (which is the most important thing right now).

This month, I’m planning to attend a number of meetups and work my way into getting back into the groove.

Thanks for reading!


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