Mobile Growth New York: Hometeam With Fanduel And Alight Labs

At Hometeam on Thursday, February 11, I saw three panelists speak about social media campaigns and effective ways to grow and develop an audience. Moderated by Adam Lovallo from, Adelyn Zhou, Founder & CEO, Alight Labs; Corey Eulas, Growth Marketer; and Gary Ma, Mobile Marketing Manager, FanDuel were present at Mobile Growth New York’s event.

They were first asked about what worked well for them in the mobile world. Adelyn Zhou spoke first. “You want a seamless handoff between the advertisement and the page.” She meant that if you were running a Facebook campaign, and the user came from Facebook, then there should be a dedicated Facebook sign up page for it. In the case of Twitter, then it should be a dedicated Twitter sign up page. “Match the source of traffic where the user came from.”

Corey Eulas talked about his success with running a campaign. He ran a small, hyperlocal campaign focused on Dallas to grow a user base. He bought a pair of expensive concert tickets and ran a Gleam campaign. “People had to download the app and refer friends and family to get points. It was a gamified sort of acquisition. But you have to make sure the prize is something special — not like an iPad or something, but something that hard-to-get.” Eulas added, “Make it specific to location, and make sure the barrier-to-entry isn’t there.”

For SEO best practices, Eulas explained that “intuition is better than the keyword tool.”

In regards to emergent channels in mobile, Zhou revealed that Instagram is “still cheap” in terms of ad placement. She has her eyes on Snapchat (although they’ve only opened doors for big brands), Meerkat, and Periscope.

The panelists also talked about campaign failures and they all agreed that Instagram was one of the worst performers. “I ran a direct influencer sponsored post,” Eulas said. “It was the most ineffective campaign ever.” Zhou added, “It depends on the influencer.” She also mentioned that it was important to look at metrics (RTs, Likes, Favs, etc.)

The most successful free acquires came from scraping Twitter at scale for visibility purposes. Eulas said to use BuzzSumo, Buzzcovery, and Instagress to help inflate your brand’s popularity.

As for effective referral programs, Zhou explained:

  1. A referral program needs a user base to successfully refer people.
  2. The user’s intentions need to be understood for referrals
  3. A reason must be given for users to refer people
  4. The reward must be tied into the product
  5. The invite must be personalized and optimized
  6. Send reminders

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