NYC Gaming Demo Night: 12/19

Six groups presented their games: Traci Lawson of Taptiles, Michael Weiksner of Tip or Skip, Dat Nguyen of Smart Kick, Vianel Aquino of Wavelogy, Muse Games presenting Guns of Icarus and Noah Sasso presenting BaraBariBall.

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NYC Gaming Demo Night: 11/27

On November 27, 2012, I attended NYCGaming’s Demo Night held at Microsoft. There were six game presenters and one presenting tips on in-game monetization. Joshua DeBonis presented Meriwether, Scott Rapp presented Instreamia, Greg Irwin presented BigTwist, Eric Schwertzel presented Deckdaq, John Nguyen presented Super Bunny Breakout, Ien Cheng presented Grasshopper and Glen Straub of Millennial […]

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NYC Gaming Conversation: Monetization

I attended NYGaming Meetup: NYC Gaming Conversation: Monetization at Baruch College where a panel of three—plus a moderator were present at the event and gave short presentations: Wade Tinney (CEO, Founding Partner) of Large Animal Games, Glen Nigel Straub (Global Monetization Solutions) of Millennial Media, Deepa Muralikrishnan (General Manager, Global Payments) of Live Gamer, and […]

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